06 Feb 2020

New Age Technologies and Its impact on Economy & Future Jobs

F-TEC on the occasion of its Silver Jubilee celebration on 16th Feb 2020 is constituting an annual feature “POWER to SKILLS” to support the momentum of Skill India Mission.

In its journey of 25 years, F-TEC has not only seen but a part of India’s success story of becoming IT global power. F-TEC first set of curriculums was based on MS-DOS in 1995 and it’s been a phenomenal journey from IT-ITES training organisation to evolve itself to a multi-skilling organisation.

Now we are practically in the 4th Industrial revolution and industry across sectors have started facing the impact of disruptive technologies. As a Training organisation, we believe that the best way to celebrate our Silver Jubilee event to dive into the area of new technologies, its impact on the job market and how training organizations have to come forward with new set of programs to ensure that India have full bench strength when it comes to productive skilled workforce in 2022

Envisioning this Panel Discussion is the beginning of series “Power to Skills 1.0” which will be an annual feature on every 16th of February for next 10 years. The idea is to contribute in a way that India capitalize on her demographic dividends and this decade will be most vital in ensuring the same.

The first in the series PS1.0 is planned around NEW AGE TECHNOLOGIES and how it will impact the economy & job market in near future. It is important that here in India we must be aware about the impact of 4th Industrial revolution and new set of skills needed for youth along with their regular study. Its only possible through rigorous learning of new technologies to ensure that India should have ready skilled workforce to capitalize on the demands of new skills for new jobs of 21st Century.

Its not about the future but we are practically in the era of disruptive technologies which are affecting the job market and will further change the dynamics of Indian job market by 2022. Its vital for India to get herself ready that we should have a new age workforce when India turns 75 in 2022.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi on 19 Feb 2018 launched NASSCOM’s Future Skills platform that seeks to initially upskill 40 lakh IT employees and prospective job seekers in eight emerging technologies that could drive IT jobs in the future. These technologies include artificial intelligence, virtual reality, big data analytics, 3D printing, cloud computing, Digital Marketing etc.

The forthcoming Panel Discussion will be the beginning of annual series to bring eminent people at one platform who are part of the eco-system contributing in job market, training, skilling, upskilling, assessment, research, industry and people in the area of policy formulation.

The Key objectives

  • To bring forward the impact of new age technologies on Indian economy / jobs and how it will create new opportunities in near future
  • To create a bank of knowledge and disseminate the same at large among stake holders about the challenges and way forward in the 4th Industrial revolution
  • To bring forward the dynamics of new job market and how organizations / institutions can contribute in bringing new set of programs to ensure the desired skill set in the new age workforce
  • Opportunities for training organizations to contribute effectively to skill, reskill and upskill the workforce

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