Business Opportunities

Successfully tested working model with both existing and first-generation entrepreneurs in addition to having assisted growth of more than 100 First Generation Entrepreneurs, offering a cross section of opportunities: -

    Franchise Enquiry

    Think Skills .... Think F-TEC


    First Generation Entrepreneur

    Anyone having a passion for education & training could partner with F-TEC as a Franchise for either Skill Development or Skill Academy based on a model concept of social franchising where one could emerge as a leader for change in local areas.


    Seeking diversification into training/skilling sector/s, F-TEC offers opportunities in the formal training & skilling space to become Master Franchisee as also a regional channel partner.

    Infrastructure Partner

    Any individual/group with an institutional infrastructure, adequate capital to invest & to upgrade organizational set-up as per F-TEC parameters, can become a training/skilling centre based on the franchisee principle & success sharing model.