02 Apr 2020

The Global Pandemic – COVID19 – How Countries are Combating Corona Virus Outbreak

Ever since WHO declared Coronavirus (COVID19) as a Global Pandemic, nations across the globe are trying to get their act together to formulate policies to meet the challenges posed by spread of coronavirus within their borders as well as globally. The current overall situation is extremely grim in almost all nations affected by the pandemic, especially so with Italy, Spain, France, Iran&USA being the worst affected. All these countries are trying hard to limit the exposure to this very contagious virus through harsh lockdown measures, requesting their citizens to remain indoors & also penalizing those venturing outside without any urgent reasons. Outlined herewith are certain strict measures taken by the 10 most affected countries to battle this outbreak & current situation therein.


China: The Wuhan Virus (COVID19) outbreak allegedly originated in December 2019 from Wuhan, Capital City of Hubei Province in Central China. This outbreak in the human community was not taken seriously both by China as well as WHO (World Health Organization) initiallyto counter it’s spread within the country & thereafter internationally. Though late in responding, on acceptance of the grim reality, China set several new standards for overall health, safety& security of their citizens by setting stringent measures inplace within the affected region as well nationally. This enabled Chinese authorities to finally control the community spread of this seemingly ‘Out of Control” pandemic virus outbreak….

Mandatory Quarantine: To ensure ‘People Stay at Home’ in Wuhan & elsewhere within Hubei Province the government ordered a strict & complete clampdown on all citizens who were confined to their homes for over 50 days. This government policy of controlling movement of millions of people, gave the authorities & health services the much-neededtime to drastically reduce community transmissions as well as treat the affected patients, hence flattening the curve.

Curfew Imposed:Government strictly enforced a 24×7 “Closed Management” of residential complexes, prohibiting usage of private cars, forbidding residents from leaving their apartments without permission.

Built New Hospitals in Days: Buildingnew hospitals within 10 days, China set an example to the world community that they really mean business & emphasized on lightning fast reactions for a city lockdown.

Using New Age Technologies: China utilized Drones, Mobile Applications & other leading technology like AI (Artificial Intelligence) on an expansive scale to deter people’s movement, track infected people as well as spread general awareness within a few days of the deadly virus outbreak.

Whistle Blowers Rewarded: Citizens assisting authorities by reporting people disobeying quarantine orders were rewarded to provide further incentives to the general public.

Italy: A “Classic Case in Point” as to ‘how not to underestimate’ a virus outbreak & heeding advice on the pathogen control could have disastrous health consequences for any nation’s population. The way Italians ignored ominous signs & continued with their daily lives duringearly days of the crisis, serves as a severe warning to other European countries as well also some Asian nations which also appear to be following a similar infection trajectory making it almost impossible to  contain the virus. Over the past several weeks, the country has been locked down even as the affected cases continue to rise, with over 10,000 casualties with the infected increasing exponentially. Some preventive measures taken are:

Quarantine Measures: Italy has now imposed strict national quarantine restrictions for all its citizens.

Lockdown: Sealing of International Borders, Travel Bans, Flights Shutdown (Domestic & International), Rail& Bus Travel Stopped within the country. These measures if taken a moth or even a few weeks ago would surely limited the infection within the nation and thousands of lives could have been saved.

Iran: Iran is the worst affected Asian country after Italy, China & Spain. It has taken strict measures such as prohibiting public gatherings including Friday Prayers, shutdown schools, undertaken regular cleaning & disinfection of trains, buses & public places. As Iran has been under trade restrictions imposed by the USA, now has requested for unilateral lifting of current sanctions enabling the state to procure essential health services &medical supplies to control the coronavirus spread within their population.

United Kingdom (UK): It is also one of the badly affected nations where the Prime Minister himself tested positive with Corona infection. UK after a slow response, took swift preventive measures to contain the spread of the virus:

Lockdown: The International Borders have been locked down and most part of the country has been brought under lock down.

Air Travel Shutdown: Halting International & Domestic Air Travel.

Stay at Home: The government is taking more drastic steps in containment &isolation strategy of their population with only people engaged in essential services allowed to move out of their homes.

Increased Testing: The Prime Minister announced increased testing capacity of 25,000 people per day.


Spain: Amidst a widespread proliferation of the COVID19virus in the country, The Spanish Government has taken several steps to counter further spread & containment:

Lockdown:The Prime Minister has declared a country wide lockdown till 11THApril, to control spread

Converting Existing Facilities into Isolation Wards:Various facilities have since been into converted into temporary hospitals, isolation wards & even morgues to create more health-relatedassets to deal with the unprecedented medical situation.



USA: United States of America is one of the country’s where this virus spread has been faster&affected many people nationwide especially New York & California. USA now highest number of affected people surpassing China & Italy. Government has taken some unprecedented measures:

National Emergency:A Nationwide Health Emergency was declared last week by Donald Trumpwhich clearly didnot prove to be enough to contain the spread of this virus throughout the country

Equating to WAR Times: Donald Trump has declared a “State of War” & called in The National Guard in California, New York& WashingtonStates to counter the grim situation

Ensuring Essential Supplies: The Federal Government has released supplies from the national stockpile to locations with the greatest need in order to immediately assist people in worst-hit areas

Lockdown: Most part of the country has been brought under lock down.

Intensifying R&D for Vaccine: USA is presently fully engaged in R&D to create a vaccine for COVID19 as also check usage of possible alternative existing medications to showcase itstechnological advances to the world as a Global Super Power.

India: India being the second most populous nation with 1.35 Billion people has been quite successful in creating a relatively better situation for spread of this pandemic. With the nation still being in ‘Stage 2’ of the pandemic, a 21 Day national lockdown (World’s Largest) has been declared. Even though expected cases of infection (1100+) &28 casualties, India has sone well as compare to the world in containing the spread of the virus with a proactive response from the Government. The government has announced various welfare measure to ensure monetary benefits to poor and ensuring the supply of daily essentials. Govt has come out with someexemptions in tax compliances by extending the dates for 3 months for the general public and businesses.  Some of the measure with proactive approach are:

National Lockdown: PM declared “01 Day Janta Curfew – Successful” on 22ND March/Sunday & thereafter a Complete Nationwide Lockdown from midnight of 24th March effectively till 14th April 2020. India is the first country to impose lockdown when the virus spread in Stage-II and that is helping the nation in keeping the virus spread at a moderate level.

Travel Shutdown: Complete Ban on Non-Essential Travel including by Air (International & Domestic Flights), Rail (Indian Railways has stopped all its passenger & goods train movements, Road (Buses, Cabs, Ola, Uber & Even Private Vehicles) & City Metro Rail Services till 15TH April 2020

Essential Services: Health, Banking, Medical, Grocery, Food Supply Services etc. are open for citizens so that daily essentials are not affected.

Economic Relief Package: For the economically weaker section of society, daily wage earners and labours, Govt has announced many reliefs including direct transfer of money to JanDhan Accounts.


*The blog is only for the purpose of awareness on different steps taken by different countries in their fight against Corona.

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