02 Dec 2019

How to Learn Social Media Marketing | F-tec

Social Media is a powerful business tool which could positively transform the fortunes of any organization but only if used effectively over a sustained period of time. Therefore, it is imperative to learn the basics, inculcate these in daily office routine & follow it in both ‘letter & spirit’ (principal) to thrive from this fascinating 21ST Century online marketing requirement as well as of the future…surely here to stay.

Basic Requirements

Anyone with a professional need for social media, either as an entrepreneur or within an organisation or business.

Learning Requirements

  • Understanding Social Media Foundations
  • Ability to Fully Audit Organisations
  • Planning Goals
  • Creating a Vision
  • Building Social Media Strategy
  • Monitoring Social Media
  • Understanding YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram & Blogging
  • Using Advanced Features of Popular Social Media Networks
  • Understanding the Wide Scope of Social Media
  • Understanding the Risks (Negatives) of Social Media
  • Using Social Media for Customer Services & PR, not just for Marketing
  • Understanding the Fundamentals of Content Marketing

Social media is now considered an essential tool not an optional marketing channel.

This does not always ensure positive results, either achieve successful customer interaction or minimal results depending upon the efforts made.

Only one out of three businesses achieve success with social media marketing, where the others are unable to garner tangible results.

However, it is an opportunity to change this trend.as many mistakenly feel social media is only for posting links & created content with hopes of garnering maximum viewership, sustained sharing with other online customers. Thereby, profiles across multiple social media platforms look identical but not quite effective in brand promotion

Just sharing content on social media is not social media marketing is in fact akin to spamming. Social marketing involves serious investments of effort & skill requiring time for both listening & responding. In fact, FB & Instagram have already put system checks in place to avoid sharing link based content.

Enclosed herewith are some handy resources which would undoubtedly be useful in enabling any individual to effectively hone their social media skills:



Social Media Certification Courses enable individuals to holistically improve their basic knowledge & transform from a learner to creating a comprehensive understanding of this subject using a proactive & practical approach.

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