FD-DLM F-TEC Diploma in Digital Learning & MIS

(Training Duration: 288 Hours: 6 Months @ 2 Hours a day + 1 Month of Specialization)

This program is suitable for candidates who are looking for a professional program which can prepare them for employment opportunities in IT - ITES sector and all other sector where IT services or MIS work is needed. The program structure is designed in such a way that it gives in depth know how and skills to work on MS office along with specialised one month top up over and above 6 months of duration for Basic Analytics & MIS skills through Advance Excel. This is a dual certification program which lead to a Diploma from F-TEC and NSQF certification from NASSCOM & NSDC.
F-TEC Diploma in Digital Learning & MIS

Module – 1

Microsoft Office Computer Applications

  • Documentation with MS-Word
  • Presentation with MS-Power Point
  • Database Management with MS-Access
  • MS-Outlook – An Introduction

Office Management & Office Procedures 

  • Office vs. Organization
  • Need of Effective Office Management
  • Skills, Roles & Responsibilities of an Office Administrator
  • Need for Effective Filing
  • Coordination, Planning & Organizing Meetings, Travels & In-House Events
  • Connecting through Skype & Team Viewer
  • Using Data Back-up Technology on Pen Drives, Hard Disks, CD/DVD, One Drive
  • How to connect to Printer & Printing/Scanning Information
  • Procuring Office Supplies

Effective Functional Communication Skills

  • Importance of Effective Communication
  • Verbal Communication – Smart Talk
  • Communicate Effectively – Over Telephone
  • Office & Business Correspondence
  • Write Right
  • Read Right

Module – 2

Microsoft Excel

  • MS Excel – An Introduction

VBA – an Introduction

  • What are VBA Macros
  • Need of VBA Macros
  • Benefit & Limitations of VBA Macro
  • Display of Developers Tab & VB Editor
  • Macro Recordings
  • Introduction to the Writing of Basic VBA codes
  • Working in the Visual Basic Editor
  • Saving Off Your Macro

VBA Macro Programming

  • Use of Decision Making Statements in Macro by using: If & Else Conditions, And /OR Conditions, Select-Case & Not Statements
  • Working with Loops & Range Objects: Introduction of Programming Concepts to write Excel Formulas in Programs

Types of Errors & How to Debug Errors VBA Macro Programming: Form Vs. Active X Controls & Advanced User Forms

  • Data Analysis
  • Charts from Multiple Data Sheets
  • Dashboard Reporting
  • MIS Reporting

Personality Plus

  • Personality Enhancement & Personal Effectiveness for Good Impression

Specialization in CRE – Automotive specific 

  • Introduction to Automotive Industry
  • Introduction to the Job Role – CRE
  • Customer Service
  • Health & Safety at Workplace
  • Work Readiness Skills – Automotive Sales Market

FD-MWD F-TEC Diploma in Graphic Designing & Media Development

This is a professional program suitable for candidates who are looking for employment opportunities in the area of Graphic Designing and Designing for APP and websites. This program equips the candidates in designing and improving the look and feel, functionality and visual appeal of the developed application. It covers a wide range of Web & Media Designing and Development tools. This program also emphasises on building mandatory soft skills. This is a dual certification program which leads to NASSCOM Certification besides Diploma by F-TEC.
F-TEC Diploma in Graphic Designing & Media Development

Module – 1

Understanding the role of Web / Media Developer


  • HTML Tags, Elements and Attributes
  • Images in HTML
  • Connecting Web Pages
  • Lists, Tables, Frames and Forms
  • More on HTML 5
  • HTML Multimedia


  • Role of CSS in Web designing
  • CSS Basics
  • Selectors in CSS & CSS Rules Overriding
  • Background colors, images, gradients, Borders
  • Text effects
  • Multi Background
  • Web Fonts
  • 2D and 3D Transforms
  • Animations


  • Introduction to the scripting language- JavaScript
  • JavaScript Fundamentals
  • Events and Objects
  • Window, frame and form object

Adobe Photoshop

  • Getting to know the work place
  • Basic selection
  • Adjustment Panel
  • Understanding various tools
  • Basic Photoshop Correction
  • Layers & Masks
  • Correcting/ Enhancing digital photographs
  • Type in Photoshop
  • Creating vector graphics in Photoshop

Managing Work to meet Requirements

  • Work planning and organizational standards
  • Cleanliness at workplace
  • Understanding company policies and rules
  • Work output requirements

Effective Functional Communication Skills

  • Importance of Effective Communication
  • Verbal Communication – Smart Talk
  • Communicate Effectively – over telephone
  • Office & Business Correspondence – Write right & Read right

Module – 2

Introduction to CMS – Content Management System

WordPress as an Open Source CMS

  • Features of WordPress
  • WordPress Platform and Tools
  • WordPress Pages and Themes
  • Managing WordPress Categories
  • Customizing themes
  • Building dynamic websites and blogs using WordPress
  • Editing, publishing and modifying the content of website

Web Designing with Dreamweaver

  • Design, develop and maintain websites and applications
  • Design and Layout
  • Adding Design Elements
  • Hyperlinks
  • Special media and final upload

Sound Forge

  • Create and sound files using Sound Forge
  • Record, edit, mix and restore audio
  • Playbar & Basic Editing
  • Using Playlist


  • Store, manipulate and retrieve data stored in a database
  • Concept of RDBMS
  • Database normalization
  • SQL Syntax, Constraints and Datatypes
  • SQL Joins and other RDBMS packages
  • Nested Queries

Adobe Premiere

  • Create and manipulate audio and video files
  • Workspace layout
  • Customizing your workspace
  • Non-linear editing in Adobe Premier

Maintaining a healthy, safe & secure working environment, Manage work to meet requirements, Providing information in standard templates & Personality Plus 

  • Personality Enhancement & Personal Effectiveness for Good Impression

FD-AFM F-TEC Diploma in Accounting & Finance Management

Whether the candidate enrolled is new to accounts management or has some prior experience, this program helps develop a fundamental understanding of accounting principles. This program helps the learner to learn essential skills on MS Excel required to handle financial data. It equip the learner with in – depth practical skills as an Accountant. It provides working knowledge on Tally ERP 9. This program also emphasises on building mandatory soft skills. This is a F-TEC Certified program which leads to F-TEC Diploma.
F-TEC Diploma in Accounting & Finance Management

Module – 1

Manual Accounting

  • Commonly Accepted Accounting Principles
  • Book Keeping

MS Excel

  • Introduction to MS-Excel Interface
  • Navigating Around in an Excel Spreadsheet
  • Working on Simple Calculations
  • Functions; Organize & Process Statistical, Mathematical, Financial & Logical Data
  • Link Worksheets

Using Data Tab; Organize, Analyze & Present Data for various purposes

  • Sorting
  • Filtering
  • Grouping
  • Sub-Totalling
  • Consolidate

Perform “what-if” & Data Analysis for Developing Financial, Marketing & Plans

  • Scenario
  • Goal Seek
  • Data Table

Tools & Techniques to Process & Enhance the Usefulness of Data

  • Data Validation
  • Conditional Formatting
  • Using PivotTable for Tabulating & Managing Data
  • Translating Data Analysis into Meaningful Charts & Graphs
  • Sheet Protection
  • Printing Techniques

Functional Communication

  • Understand the Importance of Effective Communication
  • Verbal Communication – Smart Talk
  • Communicate effectively Over Telephone
  • Write Right – Thumb Rules
  • Office & Business Correspondence

Module – 2

Computerized Accounting Using Tally ERP 9 Basic Concept of Tally ERP9

  • Creation, Modification, Deletion, – Company Group & Ledgers.
  • Company Merging & Splitting

Banking Process in Tally ERP9

  • Cash & Bank Transaction in Tally

Working in Tally

  • Handle Different Types of Vouchers & Recording of Transactions
  • Inventory Management – Create & Maintain Inventories
  • Maintain Bills/Invoice Details & Track Receivables & Payables
  • Create & Maintain Cross-Centres & Budget
  • Understand & Apply Funds Flow & Cash Flow Statements
  • Ratio Analysis & Compute Commonly Used Ratios
  • Analyze Financial Statements
  • Maintain Data Accuracy, Consistency & Backups

Personality Plus

  • Personality Enhancement & Personal Effectiveness for Good Impressions