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Soft Skills 

F-TEC has been working with schools over the past five years and has developed soft skills modules for both 11th & 12th class students based on its understanding of market demands and gaps at school level. These modules are delivered weekly which help students enhance their “Communication Skills” & “Personality Grooming” thereby making them employable after completing school.

NSQF Programs

F-TEC has been working to provide skilling programs under NSQF (National Skill Qualification Frame-work) in both Government as well as Private Schools. This initiative is in line with initiative of HRD Ministry to promote Vocational Education in Senior Secondary Schools in order to facilitate integration of employable skills. F-TEC has an existing framework to offer for any private school.

Teacher Development Program

F-TEC has developed a complete development program to prepare teachers to effectively use modern day techniques and also to prepare them to face modern day challenges in dealing with school children. This is a scientifically developed program which results in much better learning levels of children.