Cyber Security

With Cyber Security training, employees can understand about surfing behaviour, organization policy about web security, different hacking techniques, usage of different devices & interactions on social media. Proper security training improves awareness in employees, which will be an advantage to the company in the long period.

MIS Analytics

We provide MIS Analyst training program to employees; Our Training program focus on Analysing data, preparing reports and Charts and projecting future outcomes, collating data and finding trends which can be critical in decision making for the management.

Digital Literacy

Digital Technology has vastly changed over the last decade. More & more, day to day tasks at work, require employees to use digital skills. Developing employee’s digital literacy will benefit both individuals & the organisation in many ways. Developing digital literacy is not simply about a defined skill set: it’s a complex mix of developing knowledge, building confidence & raising awareness. We provide “Digital Literacy Training” programs to employees; our training programs focus on mainly following 8 areas:  Practical Skills, Finding & Storing Information, Critical Thinking & Evaluation, Online Safety Education, Cultural & Social Awareness, Collaboration, Staff Communication & Creativity.