15 Jan 2019

Augment Your IT Skills with a Part-time, Experiential Data Science Course

Data science and data analytics are the new buzzwords heating up India’s job market. Working professionals who want to upgrade their skills can enroll in a part-time data science or data analytics course.

What Does Data Science Involve?

Data science and data analytics involves qualitative as well as quantitative techniques and processes to gather, inspect, cleanse, model and interpret data for better decision making. For example, when applied to a social media network, data analytics can help identify trends and preferences so that management can take steps to optimize content, layout and overall strategy. Skilled data analytics professionals are in high demand across several business verticals including IT, banking, finance, retail, e-commerce and much more.

Why Choose Part-Time Course?

A part-time data science course is an excellent solution for someone who doesn’t have the time to complete a full-time data analytics degree program. Some knowledge of IT, mathematics and statistics is desired. A data science course focuses on topics such as R programming, Python, statistics, machine learning and helps students gain expertise in these areas. Along with a substantial number of classroom learning hours, working professionals should consider a course that provides 24/7 access to online learning facilities.

Importance of Practical Learning

Practical, experiential learning is essential to make students job-ready professionals who can add immediate value to an organization. Hands-on learning can be in the form of practical assignments and live projects that facilitate students to test out and hone skills. Students should consider a course that offers globally recognized certification and placement assistance to gain maximum value for their investment.

Become a part of the data revolution sweeping the country – join a well-designed, hands-on data analytics course today!

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