12 Jul 2018

Artificial Intelligence – Future of the World

The most wonderful invention in this modern day is Artificial Intelligence.  There are so much of exciting stuff happening in the world of Artificial Intelligence, that it is impossible to share all.

When we talk about Artificial Intelligence, we are just talking about the human intelligence being processed by the Computer Systems.  The processing by the human intelligence is much slower than that of the computer system which is able to bring about a solution to any idea within no time. The time taken by human Intelligence to process is much longer than the time that would be taken if the way of Artificial Intelligence trend is followed.

The concepts of Speech Recognition, Self-Driving Cars are through the trend of Artificial Intelligence only. In today’s world Artificial Intelligence covers a broad category including Business, Investments and Technological research. Artificial Intelligence plays a very important in today’s life to search for Business Applications, Investments and Startups.

To conclude the future happening in the world, automation is the only method by which the functioning of countries will depend upon. Automation or Artificial Intelligence will not be a threat to the human but will help the human Intelligence in working faster and accurately. One must remember that computer system is nothing but an idiot Black Box which needs to be operated by human brains only, likewise Artificial Intelligence research is nothing but the study of “Intelligent”.

Artificial Intelligence is an area of Computer Science that emphasizes the creation of Intelligent machines that work and reach like human.

Artificial Intelligence will rule the world in the coming days. We all are to gear up for facing this challenge.

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