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F-TEC Skill Development offers a range of diploma, short term, modular and English programs to develop skills in a student that ultimately makes him/ her employable in the IT and other booming services sectors. In addition to offering sessions on functional knowledge required in a particular industry sector, our programs also emphasize on development of communication skills and other soft skills required in today's dynamic business environment.

Our approach integrates theory and practical sessions; we also offer live projects and industry internships. Our students find a lot of value in the integrated curriculum that has been well developed and well structured and has made use of latest teaching tools to make learning a brand new experience. Sessions are conceptualized and designed in such a way so that the students can gain maximum practical knowledge and hone their skills of logical reasoning by solving numerous practical problems. Every practical session is supported with a case study so that after each session, a student will end up acquiring a set of skills.
Our course material has been prepared by qualified professionals, after an intensive study with an objective of making the same easy to understand and valuable to grasp. All programs are based on learning outcome in the form of sector specific skills. Every program is divided into modules and each module will have assignments or projects. These are designed in a way to expose students to different real case studies so that they get equipped with job role specific skills. Our end-of-module assignments appraise the performance of students and validates that students have understood the topic well. We have regular tests and group activities to further develop students’ confidence.
We admit about 25 students per batch; this ensures that the trainer can spend quality time with every student and focus on overall development of his/ her personality. In regular session plan students are offered two hours per day classes for 6 days in a week.
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