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We invite you.... § Adopt a Batch / Course / deserving candidate. § Set up specialized Centre/ Adopt a training centre. This Centre could also be used for training of freshers required by your company. § Affirmative action – Training for Persons with disability / Female / marginalized family.

Corporate-Social Partnership

Giving has been a part of the Indian culture. For centuries, businesses have been making donation for causes. In the recent times, the concept of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) has gained a lot of attention; all forms of donation are formalized, measured, tracked and centrally managed. If education and upliftment of youth is the cause that you are supporting, we invite you to Sponsor a Student; any donation to F-TEC is exempted under 80G.

Another way of partnering with F-TEC is by hiring our trained students from any of our authorized centers of your choice. Our students are skilled to take up a challenging career in the IT and / or other service sectors. In addition to basic IT skills, all our students are trained on functional English, typing speed and soft skills.

We also work closely with several corporates and support them in enhancing skills of their current employees. This is done either by offering one of our existing programs or by designing and delivering a customized program. For more details please send us an enquiry or call +91 11 40517335

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